Daniel Wilkinson

ABOUT: Shakedown Media


Shakedown Media was registered in the Netherlands as an "Eeenmanzaak"  beginning 2012.


We are very passionate about video game art and in addition to working on design projects, our ultimate goal is to add quality training resources for people wanting to learn how to produce quality game art. We are currently working hard to realise this goal.


ABOUT: Daniel Wilkinson



I have been living in the Netherlands since 2008 but I grew up in South Africa near the coastal city of Cape Town.


I studied Biomedical Technology at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and specialized in Hematology. After graduating I worked in this field till 2002. Around this time I started exhibiting my art at local galleries and I started a small recording studio soon after that.


 While doing voice overs and graphic design for a company called Eiffel-Corp, they employed me part-time and then full-time. Within a year I was appointed the head of the design department where we worked on anything from advertising media to training products for higher education institutions around Africa.


I got married in  2005 and moved to the Netherlands in 2008. I have been learning the game development pipeline since around 2009. In 2012 I started Shakedown Media and I have been working for myself since then.

KVK: 54240336